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tv   U.K. Youth Parliament Debate Affordable Transportation  CSPAN  January 2, 2018 5:54pm-6:27pm EST

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to our debate. order. order. that concludes the morning session of our sitting. the youth parliament will now adjourn until 1:45 p.m. friends and colleagues, i invite you all to return to westminster hall for lunch. order. order. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> the youth parliament will now consider the fourth motion of the day, transport. the full motion is printed on the order paper. to move the motion, i call from yorkshire, brandon. [cheers and applause] >> accessibility, affordability,
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reliability. these are transport issues that young people care about. transport has come up as a top issue five times since the u.k. youth parliament began sitting in this house. yet since there has been little 2011 to improve public transport for young people on a national level. this is something we can change. in these times for a sturdy, -- austerity young people cannot , afford to pay for the continually rising prices of traveling by transport -- public transport. i think we can all agree that it is disgraceful that some young people cannot afford to travel to school, college, work. but in having transport as our campaign, there is great potential in the idea of a national under scheme. 18making trouble -- public transport affordable for all young people. currently, in the capital, only
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around 1/4 of tube stations and 1/2 of overground stations are step-free. don't people with disabilities are excluded from traveling some -- young people with disabilities are excluded from traveling some lines. this is the case across the country in many towns and cities. in rural areas, many young people have lack of access to bus routes and train services. i am from a place where some live -- travel with a -- after a certain hour and where some people don't live within walking distance to a bus or train station. we must be part of the process of deciding where and when buses and trains run, making public transport accessible for all our young people. i waited and waited and waited at the bus stop. who amongst us hasn't had that sinking feeling of knowing you're going to be late for school? this is a common example of how unreliable public transportation can be. however, young people should be able to depend on public
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transport to be on time. because every minute lost at school from transport delays is a minute lost of valuable learning time. there must be a method of contacting a place, such as t, togh an app or tex inform and people of changes to their journey. this can make certain young people can rely on public transport. with me, i have a report. it is part of a campaign that has already had success in south yorkshire. , 16 to this report 18-year-olds were finally given a fare equal to that of someone under the age of 16. this serves to prove that, in this campaign, we can set ourselves clear objectives and ensure that we achieve what we set out to achieve. members of youth parliament, if something as basic as our public transport network fails us, how can we not expect to
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fail on other issues? thank you. [cheers and applause] speaker bercow: brandon, thank you for kicking off the proceedings by moving that motion so effectively. to oppose the motion, i want you, members of the youth parliament, equally warmly to welcome from the southeast of england our next speaker. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. ignore the giggle. it is pronounced -- but efforts are always appreciated. thank you. speaker bercow: my apologies to you. and congratulations on reacting
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so magnificently. go ahead. >> thank you, anyways. making a difference, making our mark, and improving the lives of our young people. we have the honor of representing some of the most inspiring communities, and i am incredibly proud. transport is an issue. i get what you are all thinking. you're supposed to be speaking against. but it is. ofis an issue for thousands young people who voted for it and for the millions more who use it daily to get to school, work, and college. but what exactly about transport is the issue? now that, folks, is where things take a bit of a complicated term. for those from rural areas, i'm sure there is nothing more heartbreaking than missing your
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school bus then when the next one is over an hour away. for those of us from urban areas, perhaps it is not your regular bus service that is the issue, but how we fork out small fortunes for every journey. will be voting for a series of smaller campaigns and a series of divided campaigns. youth the unite parliament that we are. how can you hope that measuring our successes when a successful across the country would mean absolutely nothing to another? don't we follow brilliant example of the council and the cabinet. countless other groups by tackling a local transport issue locally. months, 12 have 12 months to deliver a campaign that works.
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remember, council still is and an issue.s be we can lobby, pressure in the local that we face in our regions and fight to make a difference because it's that, riends, is not what u.k. parliament is about, then i might as well leave this chamber. transport this campaign in a different direction. thank you. [applause] >> thank you for a greater speech. now, let's hear from the southwest of england. who have we got? attract my to attention was the woman at the end of the fourth row with a pastel colored top and black jacket. yes. you? hi, my name is cecilia george wilshireoudly represent
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east. transport is a recurring issue hat's been brought to this chamber five times already. we represent those between the ages of 11 and 18. you can ride moped at 16 and at 17 so most of us will not experience the freedom of travel until we're 18. time and costs it takes to learn. we live in a rural area where here are five buses a day and not on sunday i can sympathize ith those who have been isolated through lack of adequate and affordable transport. and believe this is something affects the majority of young people and something that u.k. youth parliament need to address. of keeping this motion of transport if it makes ando the commons every year falls? it's clearly so important to oung people and should it fall
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at this time, we clearly are not voting for the best interests of our constituents, thank you. >> thank you! now, thank you very much. i think it's time that we heard a voice from london. who are we going to hear from london? i think we're going to hear this young man here., mr. matt and for richmond and chelsea. so while i completely agree that transport is a big issue for people, this is too vague and without vision. it is on the other hand specific and most importantly realistic goal that can be achieved in 12 months. youth parliament, we need to think about what is months.y feasible in 12 transport is not a young people's issue. us.ffects all of our country against this motion and instead in favor of the only and feasible c
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motion on offer. thank you. work experience hubs. >> thank you! what about scotland? who wants to speak from scotland? caught my eye first. thank you, mr. speaker. on behalf of the young people of central scotland, speaker, members of the youth parliament, there's a need for better transport according to the needs service,people, public not a private bandwagon. >> hear, hear. >> transport must be run for and not for profit. these companies should be for the people and not shareholders. mr. speaker, as they once said, benevolence m the or the baker that we expect but regards to their own self interest. we cannot expect the to act in their own
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interests but in the interest of their own profit of their own bank accounts. n.y.p.s, i ask you all to upport this motion because we need to ensure that what the people want. thank you. you.hank now, i think we should hear from england as t of looking at the blue suit, blue shirt and i think a spiky hair checkered tie! yes? ini think it's the gentleman the second row. i believe so. and i think your name is jacob, am i right? yeah. thank you. >> let's hear you, sir. >> i'm jacob representing eden and cambria. i have a riddle. 15-year-old school girl pays ,000 pounds a year to access free education. the therefore, is bob,
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15-year-old schoolboy's education free? any ideas? any ideas? no. elijah? any ideas? no. mr. speaker, do you have any ideas? oh. actually, i have no ideas either. some young people are paying hundreds if not thousands a year on the transport to education and before the rates at the age of 16. some young people in eden feel and isolated in their villages because there is one bus service a week and that bus is during school time. eden me young people in on buses that
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frankly are not alive enough to have the strength to die. now, our friends in london tell us that on this will be too mucf campaign. it would be too hard. i agree, it would be very hard. like to say to our friends in london, we don't have and more l importantly, we have not campaigned on this issue since 2011 which means for the past six years, the voices of these oung people have quite literally been drowned out by the sounds of a bus struggling to make it up a hill. it's time we campaign on transport. transport.for let's make transport our national campaign and while it, get back to the riddle. >> jacob, thank you! jacob, thank you for a onderfully engaging and charismatic speech which i certainly enjoyed and i think others did, too. to hear someone
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from the east midlands and there the eastng person from midlands who was struggling to tand early enough and i wasn't hearing her. i think it's rosie. you're standing now, rosie. delighted to see you and we're going to enjoy hearing from you. rosie from the east midlands. [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. rosie. is as a young person with mobility transport ispublic near impossible for me to use. buses haven't got step free access. trains that i prebook hardly ever arrive. drive. i can many of my disabled peers cannot do this and struggle to get around. should be sport encouraged, it should be subsidized especially for our environment. for everybody, should be able to do this. u.k. has as the
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promised what can we actually change? we can change opinions which i are time and effort to be best used elsewhere. more funding is required from governments which is something we cannot give. thank you. >> thank you! >> thank you, rosie. what about wales? wales?e we got from from wales, i've seen the young woman here with the either blue purple top. i'm sorry. as one of the previous speakers said, transport is a issue that is many different topics. one of the main issues, i the environment side. buses are billed as one of the most cleanest transports. they're not used, because no one is able to access they are much more
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environmental harm than they are caused. if you can't have to follow which one of the most recent where buses and trains have to the standard of 16 years beingany of us would just born. approved every year to be with our environmental needs? issues he most pressing right now is the environment. how global warming is becoming a massive issue. when buses are 4.2 grams of dioxide and cars are three. make it -- make buses so much more environmentally friendly if you're able to access them. you're able to afford them. thing. the i don't think we can address this until people are using them afford to uses can
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run when they have no money in them. funding but they -- heir main form is the prices that they get and they feel bad because no one is able to access is ablervice and no one to afford it. sort of a double end that we without kle one issue tackling the other. if one issue falls, the other ssue has to be stopped and it has to be stopped. that's the thing i think we need to look at. a big ush u. for the entire u.k. because if on making the buses cheaper, but they are -- but ome of them are using them, then the buses are failing and there's less buses and less liable, less accessible. need to attack this as a kunlt, not as young people. >> thank you. thank you very much. now, might we have a speaker from the northeast of england? who have we got from the northeast?
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we got two people here. we'll take the ladies and gentlemen and here. yes. >> rory, new castle. prices, consensus goal put across by those who change. of course, for many, this would be ideal. but not realistic. as many of the bus companies or the transport companies are private. and, therefore, they seek to make profits. so i believe this parliament should take it from a different angle. let's look at how we can affect customer care on transport. look at why some teenage certain eel -- why female teenagers feel unsafe on public transport late night. happening?s why as a parliament where we allowing this to happen? e should be making change rather than focusing on price. >> thank you. here olleagues, we have
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today only two representatives army welfare british forces in germany. from one of whom we heard and that person spoke very earlier today. i didn't know whether the other one wants to contribute on this subject. if that person does, please say. no. not on this particular subject. ok. enough.air in that case, i am reminded now a contributor from northern ireland. spokenbly one who hasn't already. no. not if that person doesn't want to speak. ok. not at this stage. gosh, the person who has spoken might get a third chance at this rate. case, i think at this to the west midlands looking for a speaker from the west midlands. yes, this gentleman here was trying earlier and we'll hear from you now and look forward to that finally. >> thank you!
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yeah, my name is joshua murphy united currently the community's parliament and what brings me to to the west midlands looking for a speaker from the west midlands. this de apart from trying to get into a debate is from the's a bit from both a personal perspective and third world perspective. world e third it comes to standing. encourage people to use the buses more often. to run more often so people can have the best use of them. if we're looking from a personal perspective, however, why do we for the children living on freeits, why don't we have children soor young
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they're able to go to school for worry about the additional cost of extra for parents who can't drive or disabled. who are children themselves and not by access are supported. at those -- we can look at ll these facts and we need to have a serious conversation with the people that are in charge of government. now, this is -- now, sorry. transport. he thing is we have to look at addressed. has to be if this is not addressed soon, it will get to the point that to be are going complacent. good services and not the excellent services that this country deserves. we deserve better, people! go for it.
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>> well done. very well done indeed. >> and thank you both for the of your speech and the persisting, i'll come back to that point later. that was excellent. experiencing that. now, i'm looking for a female speaker at this stage from the of england. the southeast of england, ecstatic.y at this point, i'll take you. thank you. >> thank you, mr. speaker. and catherine, southeast. echo some of what people have already said today and, in fact, the public transport is very expensive and all can agree with that. nd i am going to add it's promoted also to be active with friends and go out. owever, it's far too expensive which limits the amount that young people can go out and pend time with their friends
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and family. especially those who might live farther away and have parents or take them ho can places. and parents and family shouldn't be relied upon to the point a car or you get can drive because even when you because of point riding and costs, it's still very expensive for people to drive and not since you turn 18, you'll have the ability to go out and not ride public transport anymore. simply the case, people cannot afford these increases. and from trains and bus tickets as well. it's a strain on families to to take young people places in the city their age specials those who have single parents or i said before, who aren't relying on their parents to take them places. therefore, for these reasons, i believe, we should work together as members of the u.k. youth to iament to be able encourage young people to go out and have a chance to go to new of trains the use
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and buses with accessible transport. i believe we can do this within this government. thank you. >> thank you! now, what about the east of england? the east of england? yes, you were trying earlier and disappointed not to be called. your moment has arrived. let's hear from you. speaker. you, mr. my name is rachel and i'm a member of the youth parliament essex. this is not just an issue for all the people that we represent regardless of e their age. prices are high. people find their opportunities being limited because they cannot afford the transport that they need. personally, going to school, the price of my transport has rose year after year and i'm sure have ther people experienced this. i'm aware that some areas have no problem with transport. however, i strongly believe issue rt is an important that we should definitely -- definitely campaign on. thank you. >> thank you!
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just trying to establish for the last time whether anybody from northern ireland wants to speak this debate. there's genuinely no pressure. i don't want you to feel excluded. in each of o ensure the debates somebody from each part of the united kingdom, nation, or region as the case may be has had the chance to speak. becausenstituent nation one year, the scots got annoyed when they thought they were to be a region. i was simply considering them to be a part of the united kingdom. northern in that case, i am looking for a speaker from yorkshire and the person who has been looking at me recently with some force is the woman here. thank you. i'm sorry that i can't call everybody. >> ok. 'm the n.y.p. for north yorkshire. and so another issue that needs addressed is
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accessibility. severe isters both have awe tifrm and mobility. however, when struck with the having a ation of not car, not far to take the bus when they were not being treated have been.uld but because we live not quite mile away, both to their chool, than the path would allow, they have no financial support. my parents have to pay 10 pound day just to get my sisters to the only school that they can access. and this is not right. to vote for transport. so that we can help everybody and not let anyone go without their education. >> thank you. thank you! his concludes the debate from scotland. please welcome josh kennedy!
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>> thank you very much, mr. speaker. ladies and gentlemen, i regret you that your train has been delayed. i wonder how many of you heard this when traveling here today. oving so fast, our transfer system is significantly slower. on the rise, increasing in competence and the disabled. you live in whether a rural or urban area, transport is flawed across the board. becomes, rather, does this motion go far enough? all these problems lie within our transport system and how it run. and it is wrong tobecomes, rath problems only apply to rural learned two weeks ago when i went underground for the first time. this wasn't an enjoyable experience.
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what i describe as the suburbs glasgow.burbs of this experience is the lack of facilities for disabled unreliable and how the service is. need to shine a light on the bigger issue. our transport system as a whole is failing and the cracks are beginning to show. our council has to consult young transport. ut council that do often have trouble getting what young people would like to see from the transport companies which brings the feasibility of this motion into question. undreds of different councils and hundreds of public transport business all with ethics. time?e afford to waste our sad truth is transport, young people are less than enough. something else is my pals talking about the fact that he
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get to the next town over ue to the bus not being reliable enough. this is a problem with anything. place.s motion back into it's madness that someone who still attends school would be for an adult fare. we not be smarter as one walk, one force to take on and fight for nt change? shouldn't we be fighting for a better curriculum or experience for young people? we afford to waste our time? may say transport is getting stael for the best time. that may be true. of young people are so not getting transport and something must be done. elected to serve our young people. to go on the move and the big at hand. but surely, first, we must decide what that is.
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that's for you to decide. thank you. josh, thank you for that excellent windup of another great debate. >> senator orrin hatch of utah, longest serving senate is planning to retire at the end of the year. "the new york times" writes that mr. hatch who is 83 was under pressure from president trump to seek re-election. the story says this opens a path for the romney to run senate seat. senator hatch's decision comes ust weeks after the president signed tax reform into law, a measure that the senator helped write as chairman of the finance committee. the second session of the 115th tomorrow.tarts
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the senate is back for legislative work at noon eastern nd will swear in two new democratic lawmakers, alabama's doug jones and minnesota's tina smith. the house returns for legislative work next monday, the 8th. agenda, government funding. current spending expires january 19th. the calendar, president trump's state of the union address scheduled for january 30th. always, you can watch the house live here on cspan and the senate live on c-span 2. here's what's happening in primetime tonight. eastern, at 8:00 p.m. deputy defense secretary patrick shanahan on national security innovation and military readiness. he's interviewed at the reagan valley, n simi california. on c-span 2, a conversation on former president bill clinton. with former white house chiefs podesto and
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erskine boles. c-span 3, review of the at sea.aval collisions in her first briefing of the new year, white house press sarah sanders took questions from reporters on a range of issues. tweets from tied to the president. including protests in iran, u.s. korea, owards north pakistan and afghanistan. immigration. retirement hatch's announcement. this is 25 minutes. >> good afternoon. happy new year. with all to be back of you. start by wishing everybody a but you guys kind of stole my thunder a little bit on that. the president would like to start by congratulating two teams from two great states, both in the heart of trump country. fantastic ward to a national championship between georgia and alabama next week. and we


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